martes, 29 de enero de 2013


Our school anniversary is coming, so we are knowing Jules Verne's work. We watched a movie named "Around the World in 80 Days". We chose China because characters visit that great country during their tour around the world.
Connecting our book with the project, kids are looking for facts and giving opinions about China.

Once that kids connected China with our loved Mexico, they looked for bodies of water, landforms and of course landmarks. The Great Wall came out!

We connected the movements of Earth with day and night and kids realized that in Mexico is day white in China is night.

Children analyzed Chinese culture and idtentify social issues, one of them was WORKING KIDS, they investigated to get involved and purpose solutions and let others know about this issue.

Kids were very exited and brought some objects and created some kind of museum!!

In Facebook, kids posted some Chinese folktales.

All these activities helped children to understand and TO FEEL what empaty, friendship, and tolerance are; and how important are those values.

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  1. Facts

    The great world's measure is 5,500 miles.

    China has Pandas.

    The great wall protects China.

    The sumos are tipic of China.


    China is very big.

    China has many pollution.

    China has many people living in there.

    Chinease food is ugly because they eat insects

    They have funny sports.

    Chinease music makes me calm.

    Vanessa and Tamara

  2. Facts:The great wall is real.
    Solders build the great wall.

    Opinions:In our opinion the solders were good people.
    In our opinion the samurais are very strong.


  3. my opinions the China food is delitios,people in China use swords,in china are sumos,in china are samurais,there are a lot of bambu in china, Facts,the great wall is very big, the great wall is in china.

    santiago and Omar.