lunes, 7 de abril de 2014


Mother's Day Assembly                              May 2014                              Fourth Grade
By Cynthia Gonzalez
A long time ago the world was in a terrible situation because people did not respect children's rights, so children suffered, they felt fear all the time because they were victims of abusive situations.
One day, The Moon chose four guardians to protect kid's rights, illusion, and hope. They were North, Easter Bunny, Toothless, and Sandman, now all the fear and insecurity kids felt, represented by Pitch Black and Nightmare, were trapped. Time passed by and Pitch Black is back, so kids are in danger. The Guardians are not ready for this war, so The Moon has a new Guardian up her sleeve: Jack Frost.
Jack Frost                   Manuel Alejandro Tinoco Tecante.
North                          Eduardo Damian Huerta Estaragues.
Easter Bunny              Iker Ramirez Salazar.
Toothless                    Miranda Rojas Medelllin.
Sandman                    Daniel Lemus Mota.
Pitch Black                Gabriel Rojas González.
Jimmy                         Jose Ricardo Hernandez De Moraes Ferreira.
Guardians, except Jack Frost, are staring at Jimmy. He is playing with a teddy bear in his bedroom.
North: Wow this kid always plays after every hard day at work.
Easter Bunny: That's right but I think that he is tired.
Toothless: Of course he's tired, he worked a lot in the cellar.
Jimmy get on his knees next to his bed to say a prayer.
Sandman: Don't worry, he's saying his prayers. I'll give him sweet dreams. (He blows his sand and Jimmy falls asleep)
The Guardians leave the scene and Jimmy is dreaming in his bed. Pitch Black gets in the room and stands next to Jimmy's bed.
Pitch Black: Oh what am I seeing? A sweet boy having sweet dreams after a hard day at work.
Jimmy: Oh no! You again! Leave me alone!
Pitch Black: Don't worry kid, I just came here to give you a present.
Jimmy: No Pitch. I don't want your nightmares.
Pitch Black walks around Jimmy's bed and then, he touches Jimmy. Jimmy falls in a nightmare until the guardians arrive to his bedroom.
Toothless: Hey! What's going on? Jimmy is having a bad dream!
Easter Bunny: Yes, he's not the first and I don't know why.
North: There must be a reason. All kids work and they have...
Sandman: Nightmares! They have nightmares, so I think Pitch Black is free again!
Easter Bunny: Pitch Black? That bogeyman is under the bed and he can't go out.
Toothless: Well, yes but maybe the situation that kids are living makes all this mess.
North: Of course! Kids are afraid of people because they don't respect their rights.
Jack Frost appears walking
Jack Frost: It's not only that. Kids don't have time to play anymore, so they are becoming in some kind of robots. They just do what people ask, but they don't enjoy what they do.
Toothless: Hi Jack! What are you doing here?
Easter Bunny: I'm sure he's making troubles. Maybe a snow storm.
Sandman: Oh Easter Bunny, leave him alone. It makes sense to me.
North: Of course makes sense! But what can we do?
Easter Bunny: We are The Guardians, we can solve this problem by ourselves.
Toothless: Help us Jack.
Jack Frost: What? No, no, I like to have fun, watch kids playing with the snow or in the rain, but people don't give them a chance to play! Such a waste!
The Guardians turn to The Moon, they stare at her like if The Moon was talking to them. (during 10 seconds So Celestial music sounds)
North: I can't believe it! The Moon says that you Jack are our new partner!
Jack Frost: What?
Toothless: Oh great! Congratulations Jack! You are a Guardian now!
Jack Frost: But I don't want to be a Guardian!
Easter Bunny: Oh look at baby Frost, he's afraid!
Jack Frost: Afraid? I'm not afraid! It's just that I'm not like you!
Easter Bunny: Of course you are not.
Sandman: Take it easy guys. Hey Jack, Moon never makes mistakes so I'm sure that kids will be happy again with your help and they will forget all those nightmares, so Pitch Black will go away.
North: And that's that we all want. We want happy and respected kids. You love kids as much as we do.
Jack Frost: Maybe you are right. So where is Pitch Black?
Toothless: He must be handing nightmares around the world.
Jack Frost: Oh I know! Let's see Jimmy!
The Guardians look at each other surprised, then walk around the stage and find Pitch Black in Jimmy's bedroom. Jimmy is sleeping, but he looks afraid because he is having a nightmare.
Easter Bunny: Hey Pitch leave that kid alone!
Toothless: Pitch Black, you have two minutes to...
Pitch Black: To what Toothless? Will you give me a coin?
North: What's the purpose Pitch?
Sandman blows sand on Jimmy's bed but  Jimmy wakes up.
Jimmy: North! Easter Bunny! Toothless! Sandman! Jack Frost! I know that you would protect us!
Jack Frost: Of course we'll protect you! Go away Pitch!
Pitch stops Sandman and everybody chase Pitch Black.
Jimmy: Oh no Sandman! I'm afraid.
North: Afraid of what?
Jimmy: Well it's just that I can go out and play with my friends. I want to go to school too.
Toothless: Oh Jimmy, don't worry. We are here for you.
Easter Bunny: Yes, we are and always we'll be.
Jimmy: But Sandman, he... Oh no! I won't have my sweet dreams anymore.
Jack Frost: Jimmy, don't be afraid. Nightmares are only bad dreams. They are not real.
Pitch Black: Am I not real?
Jimmy: Oh he is here again.
Jack Frost: Jimmy, just remember that it doesn't matter if you can't get what you want, your dreams belong to you and nobody can take them away. You just need to play and believe in your rights.
Toothless: Jimmy, trust us. We are here and we will protect you.
Pitch Black: Will you protect him? How? If he's so afraid that he doesn't believe in you!
North: Don't you see Pitch? Your nightmares are nothing next to kids' rights and illusion.
Easter Bunny: Get ready to receive what you deserve.
Pitch Black: Really? You little guardians, don't understand that now the world belongs to me!
Jack Frost mocks Pitch Black making funny faces and finally asks Jimmy to play with the guardians.
Pitch Black: How dare you?! No one can play in my presence!!
Jack Frost: Oh come on Pitch! You won't believe that kids will be afraid of you always, right?
Jimmy: I am not afraid of you anymore Pitch Black I know you are real, but I have right to be happy and loved.
Suddenly Sandman appears walking on the stage and everybody is happy to see him.
Sandman: I can disappear as much as you can, but nightmares always can be transformed into sweet dreams.
Pitch Black: Oh no! What are you doing here?
Sandman: Oh don't be afraid! I'll give you a little of your own medicine.
All guardians celebrate that Sandman is back.
Jack Frost: I think that kids finally remember their rights and they are getting back their sweet dreams. That's why you came back, right Sandman?
Jimmy: Yes, I remember now and I am not afraid anymore! Thank you Guardians!
North: See Jack? You are one of us!
Easter Bunny: Yes, I think I was wrong.
Toothless: Thank you Jack we are glad you came.