jueves, 13 de marzo de 2014


We have been investigating  about stories, so we can create one and present it next Mother's Day.
We have shared our researches  in Facebook and  what we have  learned about the structure of a story.

Then, we started a story that includes introduction, a problema, and a solution to it.  In this case the problem must be about Kids' Rights. We made story boards to organize our ideas.


We compared The Rise of the Guardians movie with our work.   Our characters will be similar to them, they will be fighting  against Pitch Black.  In our play Pitch black will represent all people who don't respect kids and their rights.

In our play, the guardians will protect kids' rights and will find funny solutions to achieve it.

Everybody has  a character to represent and we hope our moms will enjoy this presentation as much as we will do.