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This story begins in our time, in an Art exposition in an University. Three siblings are taken to a different space and time.
The Halliwell siblings should save the Art before Sylvia destroys it. Gabrielle helps them to know the steps they need to follow, and Starlight takes care of them; unfourtunely Sylvia had discovered this plan and now they are in danger.
If the Halliwell siblings want to go back to their time, then they should save art.

Narrator 1
Narrator 2
Narrator 3
Professor Robbins
Miss Robbins
Troll 1
Troll 2

Narrator 1: Once upon a time, there was a dark age on Earth, human beings were divided by their own thoughts.

Narrator 2: A lot of artist, asked for help throughout their works, but no one listened and those works were forgotten with time.

Narrator 3: Now, six hundred of years have gone, and all these works are only memories of a far age.

Narrator 1: The story begins in our time, in a University in Europe, where three students will get the biggest surprise of their lives. This University is exposing Medieval Art and all students are there...

Professor Robbins: Well, all these works represent Middle Age, and as you see, they share some materials, like iron, jewelry, and skin.

Miss Robbins: Yes, and also music shared the same style, dominated by Gregorian chants. Instruments like guitars were used in music.

Liam: And what happened with the literature? Do people wrote about something in common?

Miss Robbins: Of course! First, Literature reproduced biblical passages, next some people used literature to disagree with Christian ideas. After all, the Roman Empire had fallen.

Professor Robbins: At the same time, literature was full of epic adventures, with knights, maids, God, loyalty, honor. Later literature also was a reflect of communities. An example of this is "La Celestina" and "Poema del Mío Cid".

Liam: Wow, thank you! I'm very deeply moved about this exposition!

Lorain: (to her brother Paul and her sister Rebecca) Well, I am really amazed about this exposition, but I'm not sure if that age was as dark as they say.

Rebecca: What do yo mean?

Lorain: I mean that sometimes I would like to watch the real age and compare these works, you know? Because Gregorian chants make me feel so peaceful, that I don't understand how a dark age may produce that precious music!

Paul: Come on Lorain! We don't know, but what's the point?

Rebecca: Paul, maybe Lorain is right, because also dance express happines. In fact, in the other room there is a Celtic representation. Let's see!!

Paul: Oh these sisters of mine!! (Sisters take his hands and run to the other room)

Narrator 2: There in the Music & Dance room...

Host: (At the door) Welcome, please do not get in with video-cameras. May I help you?

Paul: Oh yes, please take my sisters away!

Rebecca: Jajaja how fun! Get in!! (She pinches her brother).

Host: Now we invite audience to join us in this typical dance.

Narrator 3: As they were dancing, time goes back and take Paul, Rebecca and Lorain with it.

Gabrielle: Welcome to this kingdom.

Narrator 1: The Halliwell siblings were confused, the didn't understand what was happening, but Gabrielle explained to them:

Gabrielle: You are here because you should put order in this place...

Halliwell siblings: What? How?

Gabrielle: I just can tell you that this kingdom is about to fade because people is fighting and not creating. All that men do is to take territories and kill people. Art must be saved and you are the only ones that can do it.

Paul: I'm still wondering how!!! This is amazing, I told you girls! We were wrong about entering in that room! That's why I hate dancing! Look at these now? What are we going to do?

Rebecca: First of all, relax! Take it easy!

Lorain: Easy? How? We are in trouble, I want to go back! I want to go back!

Rebecca: Oh, shame on you both! This is a great adventure, and you are complaining like babies! Please... What's your name lady?

Gabrielle: My name is Gabrielle.

Rebecca: Oh please, excuse my siblings, they are scared, but I am very sure that they will help.

Gabrielle: They must to, because the only way to go back to your home is to show these people the grace of art. Otherwise, art will be lost forever and the dance you danced won't be created and you'll stay here forever.

Rebecca: What?! Oh, no! I want to go back, I want to go back!

Paul: Don't worry girls, as always I'll take care of you! Ok Gabrielle, please tell us what should we do.

Gabrielle: You should go to the charmed castle and meet the trolls, they will guide you with the charmed maid and she will tell you the rest. But be careful with Sylvia, she is a witch and she wants art to disappear.

Paul: Oh, great! Anything else?

Lorain: Paul! Thank you Gabrielle. Where is the charmed castle?

Rebecca: I suppose is that one right?

Narrator 1: The Halliwell siblings started to walk and suddenly an old man appeared on the road. He joined them without say a word. The siblings were surprised...

Lorain: Who is he?

Rebecca: I don't know... Paul!

Paul: Ok girls. May I help you sir?

Neil: Oh no, no thank you. I'm just walking...

Paul: Really? Well, do you mind to walk without follow us?

Neil: mmm yes! (Sylvia appears and Neil and her chase the siblings)

Rebecca: I am light, I'm strong to fight but not today, please just walk away! (Sylvia and Neil ger freeze)

Paul: What? How?

Lorain: It doesn't matter, run!! (They run to the castle and open the door)

Bill: What are you doing here! Go away! I am the guardian of this castle and no one can get in without permission.

Starlight: No! Let them in. Gabrielle sent them. They will help this kingdom!

Lorain: What? You were with us all the time and you didn't help us with Sylvia?

Starlight: Yes, I was! And I did help you! Because of me Rebecca froze them. You should be thankful!

Rebecca: Oh! I thought that I had powers! Mmm anyway. Thank you!

Sylvia: Hello I knew that you will come, but I can't believe that you arrived to this castle!! I am furious! How dare you! And you Starlight! You will suffer the consequences! Here is Giselle, look at her!

Paul: Who is she?

Starlight: She is Gabrielle's sister and I should take care of her! She is the bridge that gets magic, art and people together! Without her you won't achieve this mission! Now she's sad and she...

Lorain: I see, she should be happy to get magic, art and people together!

Sylvia: Yes! But now whe is so sad because a spell I put in her, jajaja!

Paul: But how can we help her?

Bill: You should give her something special.

Paul: Oh God! I knew that we shouldn't get in that dancing room!

Narrator 1: In that moment two trolls arrived to the forest and each one took a sister...

Troll 1: Now Lorain is mine! She will take all terriotires and treasures for her and she will forget about goodness and hope!

Troll 2: And Rebecca is mine, now! She'll be afraid, she won't express anything at all, and finally her heart will get sick and her mind too.

Sylvia: Tell us Paul, who are you going to save? jajajaja

Paul: Oh no, they are my sisters! I told them that I'll always protect them and now! I feel so desperate!

Giselle: It doesn't matter Paul, each minute I am losing a piece of me because of this sadness. Soon I'll be so sad that the damage will be irreversible.

Narrator 2: Paul remembered when his sisters and himself were younger, suddenly he felt love. He felt each hug his sisters and him have shared and the way it helped in bad moments...

Paul: Lorain, Rebecca, you are my sisters and I'll always protect you (He runs to Giselle) I am light, I'm strong to fight, and exactly this day the evil will go away! (At the end of the spell he hugs Giselle like he used to hug his sisters).

Sylvia: No!! How did you know?! What have you done!

(Sylvia, the Trolls, and Neil get unconscious. Paul goes with his sisters and hug them. Everybody is happy)

Narrator 1: The Halliwell siblings came bakc and Art remain safe, until now. But maybe one day Art asks you for help!

The end.

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  1. La historia trata sobre tres hermanos que están en una exposición de arte en su universidad, en Europa.
    Al bailar en el salón de "Danza y Música Medievales" son llevados a una época y espacio desconocido, donde son recibidos por Gabrielle, una de las princesas del reino; quien les indica que deben salvar al arte, si queren regresar a casa.
    En el cuento aparecen distintos personajes que guían a los hermanos Halliwell a lograr su misión y claro, quienes a su vez, los protegen de Sylvia y sus aliados.