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¿Qué son los virus? By Hanna

 Los virus son un microorganismo eso significa que no puede verse a simple vista, para eso necesitamos  un microscopio,  lo mejor para prevenir virus y bacterias: 1comer saludable  2tener higiene  3vacunarte.

A los virus les gusta meterse en nuestro a nuestro cuerpo, si dos virus se juntan se hace un virus mas fuerte y puede llegar a crear una pandemia.

¿Qué son los virus y cómo me cuido de ellos? por MaJo

 ¿Qué son los virus y cómo me cuido de ellos?

Los virus son micro organismos, los virus no son seres vivos, se transmiten a través de el agua, alimentos , cosas, aire y bichos. Nuestro sistema nos protege de los virus como la gripe.

Las enfermedades más comunes son: gripe, resfriado y gastroenteritis. Los virus son mucho más pequeños que las bacterias y se necesitan ver desde un microscopio electrónico los virus solo se pueden reproducir en células vivas.

Algunas bacterias son malas y otras son buenas, los antibióticos matan solo a las bacterias y las vacunas sirven para crear anti cuerpos contra los virus.

Los causantes de la pandemia son los virus y las bacterias, dos cepas diferentes se unen y forman un nuevo virus, el mayor porcentaje de enfermedades vienen de animales el coronavirus es muy contagioso al parecer los murciélagos contagiaron a los humanos. 

Para cuidarnos no se debe estar en contacto con personas enfermas, lavarse las manos con agua y jabón, no tocarse la cara, el mayor peligro es para las personas mayores a los que ya tienen alguna enfermedad.

Así debemos cuidarnos.

Ma Jo.

¿Que son los virus y como me cuido de ellos? De:Juliana

 Los virus

Los virus son microorganismos que los científicos ven a través de microscopios. si uno entra a tu cuerpo te puedes enfermar. 

Para no contagiarnos de coronavirus debemos:

1.Evitar el contacto con enfermos.

2.Lavarse las manos con frecuencia.

3.Procurar no tocarte mucho la cara.

4.guardar un metro de distancia.

No olvides seguirme para más consejos de salud.💜

Los virus de:Victoria


Son tan pequeños que no se pueden ver a simple vista, necesitas un microscopio .

¿Sabes cómo cuidarte de los virus?

1. NO te toques la cara.

2. Mantén tu distancia.

3. Lávate las manos con jabón.

4. no te auto mediques.

Ahora ya sabes cómo te cuidaras de los virus.

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Mary Mallon, the woman who suffered the longest quarantine in history.

Mary Mallon, the woman who suffered the longest quarantine in history. José Emilio y Matias Bauso

Oyster Bay was a luxurious vacation spot. He was chosen by several of New York's wealthiest inhabitants to spend the summer season (the vacation didn't last just a month). Those who did not own, rented mansions and led a battalion of service employees: maids, butlers, gardeners, cooks (the genres of each profession were not interchangeable: it took more than a century for deconstruction). At the end of August 1907, in that exclusive site on Long Island, a news story produced a shock that, in addition to health, endangered the economic scaffolding of several. A 7-year-old girl, the youngest daughter of the Warren family, was diagnosed with typhoid fever. It took less than a week for five other patients to come, all from the same house. Two domestic workers, a gardener, a sister of the first infected and Mrs. Warren, the mother. Clear symptoms made everyone have the same diagnosis.This sudden outbreak caught the attention of several because it was the first time in history that there had been cases of typhoid fever in Oyster Bay. An unprecedented situation. This was due to the fact that it was a summer area for characters with a great economic outlay and this disease was considered to only attack the poor, people who lived in places where hygiene and food were deficient. The situation worried Mr. Warren. But not only for the health of his family but because he was a renowned banker, the president of Lincoln Bank, and in his circle (one of his rest neighbors was President Theodore Roosevelt) suffering from that type of pathology was a demerit. An almost accusatory contagion: what would the Warrens have done to deserve that, to deserve the scorn of a "disease of the poor"?However, the person most affected by this situation was George Thompson, the owner of the mansion where the Warrens were infected. Thompson had four other houses in the area. His income came exclusively from renting them. If you did not have tenants, it was even difficult to maintain them due to the expenses they incurred. The situation had to be resolved, Thompson thought. But he did not mean that the sick were healed. He needed to know the origin, which caused the infections. Otherwise, your property would depreciate in record time and no one would rent the lavish home to you anymore. This pioneer accepted the professional challenge and moved to Long Island. He believed it would be money earned honestly but easily. The answer, he was convinced, would be found in everyday household products, in drinking water, in the bathrooms. But after investigating cupboards, sewers, all the bathrooms in the house and blind wells, nothing strange appeared. Soper persisted. He questioned the sick. He asked them what they had eaten the previous days, where they had been, if they had altered any custom. That there were infections from the family and from the service personnel baffled him. They did not share many things with each other: they were two isolated worlds. At some point it was even suggested that it was not typhoid fever. But the poor analyzes and symptoms were unequivocal: high fever, diarrhea, abdominal pain, tiredness, bloating of the abdomen, perspiration, rash, rashes. The disease is caused by the bacteria Salmonella Typhi.George Soper was a scientist. He did not have the detective aspect suggested by his later actions. He was skinny, with glasses, an impassive face almost bored, a neutral expression and a mustache framing his upper lip. He became obsessed with the case. There had to be some explanation and he was going to find it. Although it was not easy to do.In the midst of his on-site investigations, someone brought him what seemed like the solution to the problem. On the beach a large woman made a living selling fish and seafood. There must be the problem. Those products must have caused the unprecedented outbreak. But once again, the result was negative: their clients numbered hundreds and only the Warrens had fallen ill.Once he eliminated the poor fisherwoman, the contaminated milk, the possibility that the water had fecal material or that there had been a sick visitor in the mansion or in the town, Soper focused on the period between 10 and 15 days prior to the first manifestation of typhoid fever because that is the incubation time.Once again he reviewed each of the elements and circumstances. He had to find the discordant element in that period. Until he discovered a fact that had been overlooked at the first opportunity. A cook who worked in the house at that time, who had entered a couple of days before and who had resigned shortly after the massive contagion. more info in: https://www.infobae.com/historias/2020/03/19/mary-mallon-la-mujer-que-padecio-la-cuarentena-mas-larga-de-la-historia-por-propagar-una-epidemia/

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los 4 libros que mas me gustaron de scholastic.

los libros que mas me gustaron.

1. Wind :   by  Christopher  Hernandez.

2. I can do it :   by  Marie E. Pearson.

3. The band :  by Alex Ives.

4. Out in the space :  by Libby Brereton.

                                     Samuel Morales.

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The boy who suffers with Covid-19 by Jamieson

The boy who suffers with Covid-19 

by Jamieson

One kid that was eight years old called Brandon went to the swimming pool every day with his friend who was called Daniel. The parents of Brandon were doctors and they were all happy until the Coronavirus came. Brandon’s father and mother left him in the house with only her aunt to look after him. They had hard times together. While his father and mother were curing people with Covid 19, he kept in mind the time was not going fast and he also knew that most joy of his life had gone. And everything he liked was now something very sad.

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JVS TSLM 3rd / 4th "My personal life and thoughts " by JAMIESON

"My personal life and thoughts " by JAMIESON

I think my life is simple but some times there are difficulties but here goes mine. My mother helps me with my homework while my father likes teaching me information and I like that and I think it rather helps me, when my mother helps me with my homework. She is quite good at it, personally.

I miss my friends a lot but like my father always says you have to get over it and that kind of works for me. My mother has always been on the positive side and that’s why inside myself I support her for that side of positivity. On the other hand my father is serious about learning math but personally that’s actually good. 

My ‘mid’ cat and dog are Zorion and Cloe. I use the word ‘mid’ because they are not mine. They are my aunt’s cat and dog and I have played with them often and it is fun. My aunt‘s spirits are high, and almost all the family that I know of are Buddhist. The good thing is that there is not a step-father or step-mother in the family and that’s very good. 


A party funy

One day a girl an her frinds are so happy  the girl its exating but have much homeworks in your house  an in the afternoon have a party but not want to go.
An the girl dont wanted to go at the finish go the girl say this party is not funy.
Suddenly one DJ showed up an after the party its so funy an the  girl its funy in the party.